Are your beliefs and habits holding you back from freelancing success?

Are your beliefs and habits holding you back from freelancing success?

One of the biggest shifts that takes place when transitioning from being an employee to being a freelancer is that you transition from being reliant on others to being reliant on yourself. As an employee, you are one part of a larger system, which enables you to focus within your area of concern and trust that others will handle theirs.

As an employee in a company, whatever competency you lack is made up for by others who are great at it.

It is a natural human tendency that we want to focus our time and energy on the things we are good at and care about. I mean, that’s why we got into our business in the first place, right? People who need the services that we offer will pay us for those services. That’s the fundamental nature of business.

As a freelancer you can't afford to neglect any part of your business.

Be great in your core services and you will have happy customers and referrals for new business. Neglect your chores and watch the wheels come off. Things like bookkeeping and marketing may not be your jam, but are still essential to operating a business.

So what is it that holds us back from doing what needs to be done in order to have a successful freelancing business?

For many of us, the problem is that we have limiting beliefs and bad habits that hold us back. Beliefs like "selling is sleazy" and habits like procrastination can keep us from achieving success. Some of these beliefs and habits may have even served us well at one point in our lives. What matters is if they limit our success now.

In a future series of blog posts, I will discuss how to identify the bad habits and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and introduce you to strategies you can use to change your behavior. In the comments below, how about letting us know what limiting beliefs and bad habits are affecting your business success?[1]

  1. Help us help you! Let us know what questions you have and what issues you are struggling with in your business. We will do our best to answer your questions and provide insight to your business problems. We may even write a blog post that addresses your concerns so the whole community can benefit. ↩︎