Vacation and the solo entrepreneur

Vacation and the solo entrepreneur

Vacation as a non-employee

As an employee it was hard enough to take paid time off. Work expands to fill the time allotted and we fear missing out on the good projects if we are away. Still, the benefits are well known so add vacation to your todo list you over-achiever.

Well, you may have noticed that it isn't easier to take time off now as an entrepreneur. You think about what it is costing you, maybe it is hours you could be billing a client or maybe it is missed opportunities to develop your business. Whatever it is you'll spend your first days off thinking about it. You'll probably need a pre-vacation before you can even begin to enjoy your time off.

Your time off as a business owner isn't paid in the same sense as it was as an employee, but you are for sure "paying" your vacation-self to do it. And you need that time off. You need the time off to recharge, to get your head above water, to see the big picture when you have been head down in the grind for too long, and don't forget its also good for your health and relationships with family.

If you are thinking about that one day you took off recently, "I think it was a Wednesday..." I'm going to stop you right there. You are an entrepreneur and one of the benefits is a flexible schedule. Taking a Weekday to recharge after working 15 days straight is not a vacation.

You need real time off

So I'll help you get started thinking about your next vacation, by asking you about your last. Fill out this short survey, we'll share the results after you've completed it.